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Modern Christmas Décor: How to Decorate a Modern Interior for Christmas

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us now and I always seem to find myself on the back foot with it!  It’s such a busy time with present buying and wrapping, food ordering, and obviously the numerous social engagements (the kids not me!).  However, try to take the time to enjoy decorating your home for Christmas.  Set the scene with some Christmas tunes (I’m a big fan of Christmas with The Puppini Sisters, a blend of jazz, swing and pop), a glass of warm mulled wine and a couple of mince pies with cream! Decorating for Christmas in a contemporary style doesn't mean sacrificing Christmas joy either. In fact, a modern approach can create a sophisticated yet festive ambiance. In this blog we’ll explore some key elements to achieve a tastefully decorated modern interior with a touch of Christmas magic.

Pops of Bold Colour

Start by embracing the minimalist philosophy. Keep your decorations simple and purposeful. Choose a cohesive colour palette and stick to it. Modern interiors often feature neutral tones, so consider incorporating whites, greys, and blacks as your base, allowing other elements to stand out.  Introduce bold pops of colour to draw the eye to festive vignettes and infuse energy into the space. This year, I decided to go for bold orange as my accent colour. I tend to scatter these colours strategically through statement pieces, such as giant paper honeycomb baubles, stems of bright berries and of course decorations on the tree.

Christmas Candle Scents

Nothing says Christmas to me more than the scent of cinnamon, pine, or spiced orange.  Every year I purchase a special Christmas scented candle.  This year, I treated myself to the Freja Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle from byFoke. This beautiful candle is scented with Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger & Clove essential oils and made using only soy wax. It has the most wonderful smell!

Select candles of different sizes and position them strategically around the room to enhance the cosiness of your space. Experiment with unique candle holders or go for sleek, modern designs that complement your interior style.

Fresh Eucalyptus Sprigs on the Mantel

Bring the outdoors in with fresh eucalyptus sprigs. Place them on your mantel for a modern, natural touch. Eucalyptus not only looks elegant but also carries a refreshing scent that will add a subtle fragrance to the room. The simplicity of this greenery will blend seamlessly with your modern decor.

Create a Christmas Vignette

Creating a Christmas vignette is a wonderful way to add a touch of Christmas to a specific area of your home. Start by selecting a focal point, such as a mantel, side table, or a cosy nook. Choose a theme, whether it's ornamental trees, snowflakes, or vintage baubles, and display them in a cohesive manner. Select a few key pieces to showcase, maintaining the overall simplicity of your modern aesthetic. Play with varying heights and textures and don't forget to add a touch of personalisation with sentimental ornaments or cherished Christmas trinkets. Pay attention to lighting; consider placing fairy lights or battery-operated candles to create a warm and inviting glow. The key is to strike a balance between simplicity and sophistication, resulting in a charming Christmas vignette that captures the magic of the season. Create curated displays of Christmas collections to add personality to your space.


Twinkly Fairy Lights

Add a touch of magic with twinkly fairy lights. Choose warm white lights to maintain a sophisticated look. Incorporate them into your Christmas tree, on the mantelpiece, or place them in glass vases for a subtle yet enchanting glow. The soft illumination will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Vase with Seasonal Dried Flowers and Berries

Select a modern vase to display eucalyptus, willow catkins and bright berry stems on your dining or coffee table. The bold colours and textures will add depth and sophistication to your festive decor.

The Christmas Tree

Of course, no Christmas decor is complete without a beautifully adorned tree. Keep the decorations in line with your overall theme – select a few statement ornaments that complement your chosen colour palette. I continued the orange theme into my tree with beautiful, bright orange baubles.

Achieving a modern Christmas interior is all about balance. Keep it simple, embrace bold colours strategically, and incorporate natural elements for a fresh and timeless look. By combining these elements with thoughtful displays and festive lighting, you can create a holiday atmosphere that seamlessly integrates with your modern decor. Happy decorating!

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