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Creating Christmas Magic: A Wreath-Making Workshop at The Florist of Poundbury

christmas wreath with eucalyptus and berries

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by surrounding yourself in the scent and fragrances of the season. In a recent wreath-making workshop hosted by Deborah Anne at The Florist of Poundbury in Dorchester, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon doing just that.

Nestled in the heart of Poundbury, Deborah Anne’s beautiful floristry shop, aptly named The Florist of Poundbury, served as the picturesque backdrop for our creative afternoon. Situated in one of Poundbury's charming faux Georgian/Regency buildings, the shop emanated a traditional festive air, further enhanced by the crisp winter day and a dusting of frost outside.

a florist in a floristry shop the florist of poundbury
Deborah Anne in her floristry shop

Stepping into the shop was like entering a winter wonderland, with the air filled with the delicious scents of eucalyptus, mulled wine, and mince pies. It was the perfect beginning to an afternoon of creativity, setting the tone for a memorable start to the festive season.

Following introductions over mulled wine and mince pies, we gathered around the workshop table to start on the process of creating our own Christmas wreaths. Deborah Anne skilfully guided us through the process – from creating a sturdy base using wire and moss to attaching a selection of aromatic foliage, and finally, elegantly attaching a festive ribbon, if we wished.

close up of christmas wreath with orange berries

Buckets filled with fragrant pine, spruce, eucalyptus and festive decorations offered us a huge choice to select from as we created our own individual masterpieces. Deborah Anne’s patient guidance ensured our wreaths were not only structurally sound but also reflected our personal tastes and styles. While some of us embraced the traditional holly berries, others, like myself, gravitated towards the contemporary charm of eucalyptus. The workshop lasted 2 hours, which was plenty of time to complete our wreaths as well as chat to Deborah Anne and the other course participants, a mother and daughter who were sharing some quality time together.

Now, with a sense of accomplishment, I have proudly hung my own hand-made wreath on my front door – a symbol of festive creativity and the satisfaction that I have made this with my own hands. This year, I can admire the Christmas wreaths on doors without envy, knowing I have a one-of-a-kind creation gracing my own home.

christmas wreath on a modern front door

Beyond the obvious outcome, the afternoon spent at The Florist of Poundbury was a mindful and relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Free from family distractions and household chores, it marked the beginning of my personal Christmas season – a time for self-expression and festive joy. I realised that it had been quite a long time since I had taken an afternoon out to do something creative (that wasn’t work!) and I really enjoyed it and felt better for it.

For those keen to enjoy a similar experience and learn a new skill, Deborah Anne plans to host more workshops next year, including an Easter wreath-making session. I most definitely will be signing up for one! Keep an eye on The Florist of Poundbury website for updates and secure your spot if you are interested in attending.

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