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Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2024

I'm not a big fan of following trends, and I typically don't advise my clients to do so either. I'm more inclined towards timeless design that reflects individual personalities and caters to the practical needs of the household. Timeless design allows for the inclusion of more contemporary or ‘trendy’ elements as accessories. Keeping up with trends can be both costly and emotionally draining in the long run.

However, as we are getting closer towards the New Year, I thought we’d take a little look at the interior design trends that have made it into our homes might now be making way for fresh and innovative styles. But… do not feel pressured into chasing trends or rushing out to buy a new sofa! If you are already considering a room refresh some of the following may interest you…

living room with rug and plants and lamp
Photo by Sarah Middleton Photography

All-White Everything vs. Earthy Tones:

The dominance of all-white interiors has been a longstanding trend, creating a sense of cleanliness and minimalism. However, in 2024, we will be welcoming the warmth of earthy tones. Rich browns, muted greens, and warm terracotta are making a comeback, infusing spaces with a cosy and grounding atmosphere. As we are spending more and more time in our homes, we need them to be inviting, welcoming spaces that encourage us to be there. Brown is comforting and warm, whilst the colour green aids concentration – perfect for a home office.

Neutral bedroom decor

Industrial Aesthetics vs. Biophilic Design:

The hard industrial look, characterised by exposed brick, raw materials, and metal finishes, has been a favourite for homeowners seeking a contemporary vibe. In 2024, the trend continues towards biophilic design, emphasising a connection with nature. As we are increasingly realising the benefits of including plants in our homes, expect to see this as a long-term trend that becomes the norm. Alongside plants, natural materials and large windows will feature heavily, bringing the outside in and promoting a healthier and more serene living environment.

indoor plants and black plant stands
Photo by Sarah Middleton Photography

Minimalism vs. Maximalism:

While minimalism has long been a favourite for its simplicity and clutter-free aesthetics, the interior design trends of 2024 are embracing the bold and vibrant world of maximalism. Think eclectic patterns, diverse textures, and pops of bold colour. This shift allows for more personal expression and creativity, turning our homes into lively and dynamic spaces that tell a unique story. Choose statement pieces such as a quirky side table or a bold sofa that reflect your tastes and personality. Experiment with eclectic design for a distinct feel and create cosy nooks that embody your lifestyle. Prioritise functionality in your design and let your home become a carefully curated canvas that tells your story, fostering a sense of comfort and authenticity in every room. Adding personality to your home will be all important in 2024. Personally, I think I like a combination of both minimalism and maximalism! The eclectic mix of patterns, texture and colour in a controlled and ordered way.

cosy reading nook

Open Plan Layouts vs. Zoning:

Open plan layouts have been popular for their spacious and expansive feel, but in 2024, there is a shift towards zoning in these areas. Instead of one large, undefined space, interior designers are creating distinct zones within a room, each serving a specific purpose. Zoning a room using plants and rugs is an excellent way to create cosier areas within a larger space while adding natural elements and texture. This approach adds depth and personality to a room while maintaining functionality and flow.

Tech-Driven Spaces vs. Digital Free Retreats:

Smart home technology has transformed the way we live, but in 2024, there will be a movement towards creating a digital free space within your home and office environment – encompassing lush plants, warm-muted shades and a cosy ambience – all you need for a digital detox. Designers are increasingly being asked to create peaceful, tech-free spaces which offer a break from constant digital distractions. These spaces often include furniture created using traditional craftsmanship and made from natural materials. This much needed growing trend promotes mindfulness, a more balanced lifestyle and a break from the stress of modern life.

Whether you are a trend-lover or not, it's exciting to welcome a new wave of styles that will inspire us in 2024. Be it embracing the warmth of earthy tones, diving into the vibrant world of maximalism, or creating a biophilic oasis, this year promises to be a celebration of diversity and individuality in interior design. Hallelujah!

Interior designer reading a book in a chair wearing a flowery blouse
Photo by Sarah Middleton Photography

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