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Embracing Hygge: How to make your home cosy for winter

warming feet by the fire with hot drinks

When the nights draw in and the days get colder I find the best thing to do, is to embrace it in the Danish way and bring ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hoo-guh) into my home. Ever since I read about hygge about 10 years ago, I’ve been wanting to bring more of it into my life and my home. For me it represents finding the joy in the little things, being content in the moment and being comfortable in my surroundings. In this blog, we'll explore how to bring hygge into your home and create a haven of warmth and tranquillity during the winter months. So, snuggle up, get comfortable, and read on…

Soft, Earthy Colour Palette

Hygge is all about creating a sense of calm and cosiness, and a soft, earthy colour palette is the foundation for achieving this. Think soft whites, gentle greys, muted pastels, and warm earthy tones. These colours create a soothing backdrop that promote a sense of calm and comfort in your space.

Tactile Textures

Introduce plush and tactile textures to your décor to add warmth and depth. Incorporate items like faux fur throws, knitted blankets, and fluffy rugs. Layering these textiles adds depth and warmth to your rooms, making them feel inviting and snug. Consider natural materials like wool, cotton and linen for an authentically rich and textured look..

cosy snug with table lamp and soft throws
Layer blankets and throws in a variety of textures

Candlelight and Soft Lighting

Candles are a quintessential part of hygge design. The soft, flickering light of candles creates a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Place candles strategically throughout your home, and consider using candle holders made from natural materials like wood or ceramics. Scent plays an important role in creating a cosy atmosphere. Light scented candles with fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla, or fir to infuse your home with the scents of the season. A little ritual of mine is to light a scented candle at the end of the day to mark the transition from busy to relaxed. You can complement this candlelight with soft, warm lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps to achieve a hygge-inspired glow.

candles and nightlights arranged on the mantle
Styling by Claire Dunn Interiors

Fireplace or Faux Fireplace

If you have a real fireplace, winter is the perfect time to make it the focal point of your living area. The sight and sound of crackling flames can instantly make your home feel cosy and inviting. Don't worry, though, if you don't have a fireplace - use fairy lights or safely positioned candles to provide a warm, gentle glow and provide a beautiful, flickering light..

Comfortable Seating

Invest in comfortable seating that encourages lounging. Soft, squishy sofas and armchairs with soft upholstery and generous cushions will make your home an inviting retreat during the winter. Add a cosy reading nook by a window, complete with a comfortable chair, warm throw, and good books.

Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements into your décor to connect with the outdoors. Wooden furniture, exposed beams, and indoor plants bring a touch of nature inside. Not only do these elements enhance the visual appeal of your home, but they also add to the hygge ambience by promoting a sense of harmony with the natural world.

Personal Touches

Your home should reflect your personality and the things you love. Display personal mementos, family photos, and artwork that brings you joy. The key is to create a space that feels personal, inviting, and filled with memories. I love to have my family photos printed in black and white for that nostalgic feel, focusing on the memories and the faces.

books and plants on the mantel

Minimalism and Decluttering

One of my favourites, as I'm not a big fan of clutter! Hygge is about simplifying and decluttering your living space. Remove unnecessary items and focus on keeping only what brings you joy. This minimalist approach allows you to appreciate the items you have and creates a sense of tranquillity in your home. For me, an uncluttered home helps me to feel calm, relaxed and focused.

Warm Drinks and Comfort Food

Hygge isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about embracing the pleasures of life. Enjoy warm drinks like hot cocoa, spiced chai tea, or mulled wine. Cook comforting, hearty meals and savour them with loved ones. Sharing these moments of cosiness and togetherness is a key aspect of hygge living.

So, this winter why don't you join me in embracing winter by bringing hygge into your home. I would love to know how you get on.

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